Each Wednesday Night during the school year we gather for a time of worship, teaching, and small group discussion. Events begin at 6:30pm and continue until 8:30pm. However, don't let the rigid timeline fool you. Students often arrive early and stay late for some extended fellowship. You can click on the images below to view lessons from our current and past Wednesday Night Studies.

Join us this Wednesday @ the Alafaya Ministry Center.

Snap That: Ever wished your sins could disappear as fast as the messages you send through "Snap Chat?" This 3-week series plays off of the popular app known as Snap Chat that allows users to send pics and messages to each other with the option of making them disappear soon after their sending. This series focuses in on the Garden of Eden and the effects that sin has on the different relationships we have in life.  

The Persecuted Church: Millions of Christians face persecution everyday. They worship the same God as us, follow the same Savior, and His name is the cause of their suffering. Why is it so dangerous for some believers to follow Christ? How can we support those who stand up for their faith in the face of death? Throughout September we will look at the causes and effects of persecution. Sometimes the most heartbreaking times bring the largest growth. This series will help you Stand Up for you faith, and Stand With persecuted believers around the world.

Who Cares About Christmas: In asking this question, we seek to learn more about those who foresaw the coming of the Messiah and cared well before a holiday was ever established. Many times we get lost in the gifts and glamour of the season and we forget about the true reason to celebrate. Our prayer is that the celebration of Christ's birth would remain our focus during this incredible time of the year. 

Major World Religions: Ever wondered about the core beliefs behind Judaism, Islam, and other major religions represented in the United States and around the World? During the course of this study our goal is to become better acquainted with the beliefs of other religions. While we as Christians hold very different world views, we must seek to respect those who hold differ from us while still engaging them with the truth of the gospel. 

The Top Ten Teenage Struggles: This lesson series focuses on the most common struggles faced by students during their adolescent years. Each week we took a look at a different struggle and sought out biblical ways of approaching it. Feel free to check out the resources page for a glimpse at the discussion.