Vacation Bible School July 2020

During quarantine for the Coronavirus, our church, neighbors and friends enjoyed BOLT! Backyard VBS (produce by GO! Curriculum). Families joined an online video of games, origami crafts, snacks and Bible lessons. Some families joined together, others shared time with friends, most participated with only Mom, Dad and siblings. In every case, everyone was involved. What a joy to see moms and dads, and even grandmas, participating with their children in VBS.

Some fun and wild games included water games (outside), cracker stacking, and sticking items to each other’s heads. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a worm? Just roll up in a blanket and squirm on the floor! More optional games were included where kids could play all day.

Crafts were all origami folding; fun projects to go right along with our Bible stories. The BOLT! video even included a sports-like play-by-play as an origami master showed us how to fold. Lessons from the Bible included the Parable of the Sower, Jesus Calming the water in a Storm and How we can know Jesus personally.

The highlight each day was connecting with everyone through a Zoom call. There we could share pictures of ourselves and review the Bible story. Excitement built from these calls as we made new friends and continued to learn more about Jesus.