CrossWay Kids

Each week during our worship service, for children from kindergarten to 5th grade!

Do you find little available for kids through church during COVID-19? Being a spectator with live-streaming church is difficult to keep children’s attention. We are utilizing Zoom's breakout rooms to provide a learning space just for kids during the teaching portion of our worship service. Our class time is usually about 45-60 minutes long.

Our theme for Fall 2020 is “What’s in a Name?” Studying the names of God will help us understand His character. Then we will transition to the book of James to learn how God wants to shape our character. We teach from scripture and learn relationally as we get to know each child and they get to know each other.

See the instructions here for more information about our Zoom service. Let us know you are coming and we’ll email you a couple of attachments along with instructions for what is needed in CWK and our service.

We look forward to seeing you there!

CWK Past Events: 2020 VBS